Uniform Guidelines for Company F, Fourth Arkansas Infantry

Please keep in mind that these guidelines are subject to change based on specific impression for individual events. Every impression is influenced by detailed and dedicated research on time and place looking through ordnance and equipment issuances. Items in bold are preferred.This list should be a rough guide for beginning to gather appropriate gear. Please feel free to ask any questions on items before you buy.

Uniform Items

1. Arkansas "Penitentiary" Frock with blue/black or no collar trim required. Blue/black/ no cuff trim optional.

2. Columbus Depot jacket preferred.

3. Deep South and "Des Moines" jacket patterns accepted.

1. Issue Caps and correct Civilian Hats are preferred.

1. Issue brogans or boots preferred.
2. Civilian pattern brogans or boots are accepted.

1. Western depots such as New Orleans, Columbus, and Houston Depot pattern and style will vary based on impression but military style of period correct construction. Private Purchase trousers are discouraged.

1. CS Issue pattern preferred.
2. Period civilian patterns permitted.

1. CS Issue pattern preferred.
2. Period civilian patterns permitted.

1. CS Issue patterns of cotton or wool preferred.
2. Hand knit civilian patterns permitted.

Ordnance and Equipment

1. 1853 Enfield rifle-musket
2. 1816 Springfield musket
3. 1855 Springfield rifle-musket
*Bayonet should be the correct pattern for your weapon and is required.

Cartridge Box, Cap Pouch, Belting, Slings and Bayonet Scabbards:

Properly constructed leathers from Georgia, Louisiana or Texas. The following manufacturer's marks would be acceptable:

  1. Magee & George
  2. Magee, Horter & George
  3. Wellborn, Nichols & Oliver
  4. C.S. Arsenal Baton Rouge

It is recommended that you order the full sets of leathers instead of piecing it together.

Waist Belt Closures:
Usually your leather sets will come with the correct or preferred closure based on research records for that set, however if you decide to change the closure keep these in mind: roller buckle, Georgia frame, or belt plate closure. Preferred plate closure can include: CS with a rope border, Trans-Mississippi dug CS plates, Arkansas State Seal, Fork tongue, militia square or oval, imported snake buckle. 

Tin drum canteens or a documented pattern. Wooden "Gardner" or Import pattern. Federal issue canteen (smooth side or bull’s eye) with cotton or linen sling and twine or canteens with leather slings and chain attachments discouraged but permitted.

Documented Confederate or civilian pattern haversacks preferred. Federal pattern painted cloth haversack permitted.

Confederate single bag, Isaac and Campbell pattern or blanket rolls required. 1855 pattern double bag knapsacks permitted.

Confederate issue, English import, documented civilian wool preferred. Federal Issue blanket in Grey or Brown permitted.

Ground Cloth:
Issue Gum Blanket preferred. Period Oil Cloths and Civilian painted floor cloths permitted.

Shelter Half:
Issue Shelter Halves with hand sewn grommets are encouraged but not required. The company owns a Confederate issue fly tent.

Mess Furniture:
Tin Plate or Canteen Half, Cup and Utensils required. This is a campaign event so groups are encouraged to utilize a ‘Mess’ structure to provide for themselves with light frying pans, camp kettles and coffee pots. Further direction may come down from company leadership.