The Steamboat Bertrand Museum

The Steamboat Bertrand Painted by Jerry Livingston, Jerry Livingston, Public Domain,

The Steamboat Bertrand Painted by Jerry Livingston, Public Domain,

We are excited to work closely with the DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge and Steamboat Bertrand Museum to help tell the story of the Bertrand, it's sinking, the excavation of the steamboat and it's cargo, the preservation of the artifacts and their history.  We participate in interpretive programs for the public as various members of the crew and passengers of the Bertrand to help bring awareness to the unique time capsule of cargo recovered from its wreckage. The cargo contains over 250,000 artifacts that went down with the boat on April 1st, 1865 making the collection one of the largest "Civil War" era collections anywhere in the United States.

For a brief overview of the history of the Steamboat Bertrand and it's cargo check out this great video Iowa PBS put together.